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Willow Courses 2022 Bigbury Devon


Why Herb Heven Devon?

We sow, grow, plant, harvest and dry 90% of our herbs ourselves. We then make in small batches to ensure the best quality


Not 100% happy with your purchase? we will refund or exchange no questions asked.


We aim for a 2-3 days delivery. We use Royal Mail 1st Class post to support our local community shop in Aveton Gifford.

I am pleased to be able to offer Willow Making Workshops in 2022

Please message me if you have any questions, the first course is available to book now. 10 places available.


Garden Obelisk Workshop 27th April (booking open)

Cost : £60 (willow wands charged as extra on the day)

Tea, Coffee and tools will be provided.


Willow and Linda Lemieux

I met our Tutor Linda Lemeriex a few years ago and have learnt about willow growing and made quite a few baskets and wreaths since. A craft that is as ancient as the hills yet as useful in today's modern world. Linda then introduced me to Don Gaskin who runs an Ancient Willow Plantation a 5 minute walk away from where our herb farm is. The love affair with willow has blossomed!

We now grow willow at Herb Heaven Devon and I have to admit I now have a bit of a fascination with the create process and its history in Devon. Taking a long stick and making it into something useful and sometimes beautiful is so rewarding.

Linda Lemieux a Master Basket Maker and runs courses throughout the year. We are fortunate to have persuaded her to come to Bigbury to run a few courses this year. As well as Garden Obelisks, we will add Willow frame baskets and foraging and willow courses for families. 

Our Venue: The Walled Garden Bigbury. Louise and Henry Wainright have created a beautiful walled garden and feel it is the perfect place to hold our first workshop (and hopefully the next few) 

Future courses:

Sunday May 29th Family and Kids Willow making, little fish and dragonflies and loops for adults. (booking will be open soon)

June TBC Local Foraging and Foraging basket making  (booking will be open soon)

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