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Essential Oil Burner


Why Herb Heven Devon?

We sow, grow, plant, harvest and dry 90% of our herbs ourselves. We then make in small batches to ensure the best quality


Not 100% happy with your purchase? we will refund or exchange no questions asked.


We aim for a 2-3 days delivery. We use Royal Mail 1st Class post to support our local community shop in Aveton Gifford.

Our Essential Oil Burners provide a fantastic stylish and safe way of bringing pure essential oils into your home.

Just fill your burner bowl 1/2 full with water, add a few drops of your favourite oil(s) or blend, light a tea light underneath, and enjoy the clean pure aromas. 

It is important that you try not to let the bowl run dry whilst the candle is lit. Keep a little jug of water handy to topmost up. 

Metal Stand and ceramic hanging bowl with tea light groove.

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