Breakfast Tea - Caffeine Free


Can a caffeine-free herbal tea really provide you with a morning boost? 

The reality is a caffeine-free herbal tea can help keep you hydrated, which in turn helps your body and mind function on a higher level, boosting your performance and concentration at work. 

Our taste buds are different so the choice is yours, my own favourite is lemongrass and ginger, really gives me lift in the morning.

Nice things customers say.....
'Its my favourite Mint tea ever, on my third order!' Shirley, Sussex
''My She Will Rise Tea really helped me get through the month'' Fiona, Devon
''I love the Sage combination, gets me going in the morning'' Susan, Glasgow

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Whatever your choice it's a great way to start the day. The general rule is a heaped teaspoon per one cup of water  we make ours using a handy Cafeteria, boil the water, add the tea, wait 5-10 minutes. It lets you see what going on and is practical as you don’t need a tea strainer. Then later pop the used herbs on the compost.

We grow our own
90% of our teas are made from herbs that we grow ourselves, sowing, growing, planting out, harvesting and blending by hand. It is a labor of love. 


Taster Bundle
New to breakfast herbal tea?

Try our mini breakfast bundle. We have created a bundle of mini taster breakfast pouches just for you - enough for 2 cups of tea:  Sage, Lemongrass and Ginger, Mint, Herbal Cleanser and She Will Rise. £10 with free delivery. Great for taking on holiday!

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